• Registered pharmacist Suzy Cohen reveals that red clover extract may help some women who are experiencing hot flashes. On the other hand, fennel extract may be the solution for some women who are suffering from menstrual cramps. Plants are able to treat or help multiple conditions such as the fight against obesity, and the extract from the Indian Coleus plant offers forskolin health benefits that include weight loss.

  • Many plant extracts are viewed as natural remedies, but they can still be found on store shelves in neatly packaged bottles next to the vitamins or minerals. Their availability contributes to the large health industry that has formed around natural treatments. Although it is still important to read labels, research ingredients and check recalls, more people are turning to plants as their salvation.

  • Nature offers a large selection of plants that can heal or help many health problems. However, discovering the benefits of each plant extract continues to be a challenge while regulations often add more obstacles. Nevertheless, a registered pharmacist recently shared her list of beneficial plants and herbs for a variety of medical conditions.

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